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Exporting (Saving) your address book contacts

1. Open Outlook Express
2. In the toolbar menu, select...

emoticon Tools / Address Book...

Another window will open, in the Toolbar of this window, select...

emoticon File / Export / Address Book (WAB)...

In the next window you will be asked where would you like to export the address book to. Type an appropriate name (1) for you address book and then select where you want to save it to (2)

emoticon Wiz's Tip - Save your address book to a 3½ Diskette, this way, if your computer completely crashes your address book data will be safe

emoticon Place a blank 3½ diskette in your A: drive
emoticon Double-click to open it
emoticon Click Save

Your data will now be saved to the diskette, a message window will appear if you have performed it correctly
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