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Hello Wizard Need Help Bulding a Board

Hello Wizard my name is Grimm Inheritor. I need your help building a message board based off of the new NBC show Grimm. I have to let you know that I don't have a clue what I am doing and I don't understand coding at all. I hear that you are the man for to make things happen. Please help. I can check back her for your responce or you can PM me which are the two best ways to get a hold of me. Here is the board I had to start. I have no idea how to even do a test board or transfer it over to the finished product. This is the test board.

Thank you Again
Grimm Inheritor

Grimm Inheritor, 14/5/12, 22:11

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Hiya and thanks for the compliments, Pastor Rick has more experience than me and Lesigner Girl when it comes to board customization. I don't here as often now so these members can really get you going faster than me but I do look in from day to day but not got much time to help out as I used to do.

I will help if I can, when and where though
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