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Photo's won't open

Hi Wizard, we got a new computer tower and up until yesterday we haven't had any problems...

It's an E-Machine 6 G Memory with a 7?0 GB hard drive and runs the new Windows 7 system....

Everything worked fine we could download pics from our camera the works up until yesterday...Allen downloaded 8 pics from the camera but when he went to open them to edit (etc...) a little window popped up saying that it couldn't open because the image was TOO MANY won't let us open any of our pics ...what or how do we correct this problem...

The Wizard3, 6/3/10, 9:21

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Re: Photoes won't open

Can you see the picture if you right-click on it and select 'preview' ?

Are you using 'Windows Picture & Fax Viewer' to view the pictures ?

You see, most cameras these days have high resolution and each photograph size can vary from 2Mb up to 15Mb or more.

Some programs can't handle that image cause of it's size.

What image programs have you got available to use Granny ?
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