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Exercise 1.3 - Entering a cell reference in a cell

In cell B2, type: Add
In cell B3, type 1274

Click on cell B10, type the following, and press Enter...

=B3 and press Enter


That is an equals sign (=) followed by cell reference B3

Excel responds by displaying the current content of B3 (that is the number 1274) in B10


Here is a little exercise you can try now...

1. Double-Click on B3
2. Using the arrow cursor, move it to the end of the number
3. Delete the 4 and replace it with a 5
4. Press Enter

Notice how the cell B10 has also changed, Cell B10 is an example of a dependant cell, a cell whose content depends on the content of another cell. in this case the other cell is B3.

When B3 changed from 1274 to 1275, so too did B10. That is because B10 contains the cell reference of =B3


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