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Smiley scrollbar in reply section

Courtesy of Lesigner Girl :

Go into your Custom Language Set and change whatever is in msgform_clickable_smilies to:

</td></tr></table><div class="smileybox"><div class="smileyhead">Clickable smilies</div><div class="smileytable"><table class="new_smiley_box_h" cellspacing="0"><tr class="goaway"><td>

Then in your Custom CSS, add:

.smileybox { position:relative; }
.smileyhead { width:200px; font:bold 13px verdana; }
.smileytable { width: 200px; height:250px; overflow:auto; }
.new_smiley_box_h { border-collapse:collapse;padding:0;margin-top:-1px; }
.goaway, .msgform_clickable_smiley_box_h { display:none; }

Adjust height and width to suit
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