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How to use and setup Playlist Player

After you have registered and got your username you can now search for music using the search system.

Once you've selected you list you can now place the player onto your board / forum.

Step 1
Select option E


Step 2
Click on your Playlist link, it will look like mine below

Step 3
You'll need to select what option you want your player to do when it's on your board. To keep it simple select No for all 3 options.
Note that if you have your autostart selected as YES then soon as someone arrives on your board it will start playing which can be a bit off putting.

Finally select your skin colour. Once you are happy with your selections, click on get code tab and your code


Step 4
Where it is highlighted in yellow, this is the code you need to copy and paste into your HTML box either header or footer, depending where you want your player to be placed.

To get to the HTML section on your board you need to do the following...

Control Panel
Edit layout / colors of your board
Manage custom HTML content

Here you'll see the HTML Header (top window) and HTML Footer (lower window)

Paste in your code you copied from Playlist into either window then click the Submit HTML preferences .

Your player should now be displayed and running with the options you selected. You can change them, just go back into your account and click on the "get playlist code" link which will then take through the above procedure again.
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