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Add cover art to iTunes with iArtwork

Launch a web browser and click once in the Address or Location bar at the top to highlight what’s there, then type in and press the Return key.

When the site appears, click the Download Free button. If Windows displays a security warning, click the Save button. At the next screen, select a download destination, this could be a dedicated folder you use or the Desktop
is good enough, and then click the Save button again to download the program and copy it there. It’s a small file and will only take a few seconds.


Double-click the iartworksetup icon on the Desktop to begin the installation. If Windows displays a security dialogue box, just click the Run button to continue. Work through the installation, accepting all the defaults and then click the Close button at the end.

Find the new iArtwork shortcut icon on the Desktop and double-click it to start the program. After a moment, it loads and begins checking the iTunes music library for missing artwork. In this example, it found 12 albums of my albums without cover art. Click the Find and View Results button to continue.


Scroll through the list and make sure iArtwork has found the right cover for the right album (it usually does), then click the Update to iTunes button. Remember that the free version will only update 50 album covers to iTunes so if you need more than that visit the site again and pay to activate the full version.

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