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Resize photos all in one go

If you would like to resize pictures you have all in one go instead of doing it one-by-one and you want all of them the same size then there is a program in the 'Treasure Chest' called Photofiltre which can do it.

Very simple to use, here's how....

Open photofiltre and select from the tool bar.... Tools then Automate / Batch..

Select to Source Folder, this will the folder where you photos are stored.

Next, select the Output Folder, this will be a folder where you want the resized photos to be saved to.

I recommend placing a tick in the Sequence box. this will then save the files in order, plus it you want to keep the originals the way they are you can because they'll be renamed image001.jpg image002.jpg.... and so on

On we go to the next stage

Next, click on the image tab. Here you can adjust the size the way you want it, pretty straight forward when you'll see it. I recommed you leave ticks in the Preserve aspect ratio and Optimize. This will stop your picture from being distorted when you resize it.

There are other tabs to play around with but this is basically all you need to do.

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