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Automatic Updates

Sometimes you may see messages appear stating that there are updates to be downloaded onto your computer but disabling Automatic Updates can be a very bad idea. Although your computer may appear to be working fine, there may be underlying problems that aren’t immediately apparent. Automatic Updates are designed to fix these problems without bothering you too much.

So, if you want to disable updates, here's how to go about it. Open the Security Center control panel (click Start, then Control Panel, then double-click Security Center). Click the link on the left ‘Change the way Security Center alerts me’, then remove the tick from the box marked ‘Automatic Updates’, then click OK to close the box.

You can also turn off the reporting for the firewall and virus protection, but again I would advise you to use caution against doing this because it will leave your computer completely unprotected, without warning you, if either of these fails.

If you do decide to do without Automatic Updates, it’s worth visiting Windows Update every so often (I'd suggest once a week) in Internet Explorer or Mozilla type into the address bar, then press Enter. Follow the instructions to install Critical Updates. If there are any listed, follow the prompts to install them.
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