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How to burn a music disc with Nero

Ok, first of all, we all use different burning programs but I'm sticking with Nero as I see it's a good program to use for total beginners. It's simplicity I like a lot and use it for my burning purposes too. Screenshots are taken from Nero 6

So you got your .mp3 files all ready and want to create a music disc so that it will play on your Home Music System / Computer. First of all, make sure your drive is capable of burning, most modern day PC's now have optical drives that will allow you use CD-R / CD-RW and DVD-R / DVD-RW etc.

Open Nero Startsmart and it will show a window like this....

As you can see from the circled areas I've placed, you need to select a what type of disc you are going to use. In this case you want to use a CD-R as we are going to create a music disc, so select CD


Once you've selected CD from the drop-down menu you then need to click on the music note icon, then select Make Audio CD (where I've circled)

This then will now open the Burn window
Click the Add button to begin to search for your mp3 music files



This final window you can enter the title for the Artist and Album name. Place you blank CD-R into your drive now.

Once it's in and settled you will see from the screenshot below that there is a drop-down menu for the speed you want to burn. Select the lowest speed for a good quality burn. Once your happy with the selections, click the Burn button.


emoticon TIPS ON BURNING emoticon

1. Make sure you're mp3 files are at 128kbps bit rate, this is the recommended bit-rate for files to be used when making CD's

2. If you're not sure what bit-rate your mp3 file is, select from the task menu where your files are stored and select 'details' from the View tab. This will then show what bit-rate that music file is.

3. If you can't see the bit-rate size then right-click where it says.... Name / Size / Type etc. Select Bit Rate if it isn't ticked. Once done, this will then show it in the folder window.

4. In the right-click menu you can move around the Name, Size, Type etc by selecting 'Options'. There you can select and move things up or down

5. Make sure you don't have programs running in the taskbar

6. Close all internet browsers

7. Select a low burn speed for a better burn. Having it on a much higher speed setting may cause the music album you want to make more likely to skip or the sound will be affected
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