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How to Block Tracking Cookies

The exact procedure isn't always obvious, but it requires at most seven, and sometimes zero taps of the mouse button in your Web browser.

Internet Explorer 6
Go to the Tools menu
Select Internet Options
Click the Privacy tab.
Click the "Advanced . . ." button

In the smaller window that pops up, check the box next to "Override automatic cookie handling" and choose "Block" under the "Third-party Cookies" heading.

Click the OK button to confirm that setting.

Mozilla Firefox
Go to the Tools menu
Select Options and click the Privacy icon.

Click the Cookies heading to display the cookie-acceptance policy, then check the box next to "for the originating Web site only." Click the OK button

There are far bigger privacy risks to worry about, online and off, than tracking cookies. But just in case, I've had my browsers set to block third-party cookies for the past few years. I haven't met the slightest inconvenience as a result.

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