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See text more clearly

Originally designed to improve the way fonts are displayed on flat screen monitors, Cleartype can also make significant improvements in the way text looks on a standard display.

First, have a look to see if it is turned on already by right-clicking on the the desktop and choose Properties.

Click the Appearance tab and then select the Effects button.

Put a tick (if there isn't one) in the empty box next to..
'Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts' to turn on Standard smoothing and then click the OK button.

Back at the display properties dialogue box, click the Apply button and see what the difference is. Depending on the type of monitor being used, and the way it's set up, there may be a slight improvement.

To make a more radical change for the better, click the effect button again and click on the arrow next to Standard to open a dropdown menu.

Select Cleartype from the list and click the OK button to close the dialogue box. Click the Apply button to make the changes and watch what happens. The smoothness and clarity of the text on the screen is now clear for all to see.
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