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Save Messages stored in Yahoo Webmail Account

Backing up messages stored in Yahoo Mail account is similar to Google Mail. First enable Pop download. Browse to and login to your account.

Once logged in, click on the Mail tab

Follow the link marked Options in the top right-hand corner

Then, click on the Pop Access and Forwarding

Select the button marked Web & Pop Access - Access Yahoo Mail via the web interface and through any email program using Pop3. (1)

Under 'When downloading new messages, select the option marked 'I want to receive all messages including those that SpamGuard thinks are spam' (2).


This will ensure that no messages downloaded as backups will be filtered by Yahoo Mail's spam filter, though of course you may prefer it to do so.

Click Save in the bottom-left corner of the page to confirm these settings and then logout of Yahoo Mail

Setting up Outlook Express to recieve Yahoo mail is the same as it is in Google Mail
 (see here) except the pop and smtp are different. These are the details you should enter


Everything is the same as in Google Mail

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