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Save Messages stored in Google Mail Webmail Account

Webmail services such as Hotmail, Google Mail (GMail) and Yahoo Mail provide email access via a web page. This makes it easy to access a webmail account from any PC that's connected to the internet by signing in with a username and password.

Messages aren't stored on the local computer, which I find is good for privacy on shared PC's, but this means keeping a backup can be tricky.

The secret is to get an email program such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail to download the messages and create a backup copy.

Some providers make this easy, you need to change their settings, while others may need some additional software to encourage them to work with Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Either way, here's how to make a backup of your messages.....

Google Mail

First of all you'll need to have a Google mail Account to do this.

Grabbing messages from a Goole Mail account is quite straight forward. That easy for me to say you may be saying but don't worry, here is a step-by-step tutorial you can follow.

Browse to and log-in

Choose Settings and then click the Forwarding and Pop/Imap link (circled)

You then need to enable Pop Download, this stands for Post Office Protocol, which is the standard system that most popular email programs use to download messages.

Under the Pop Download heading choose 'Enable Pop for all mail (1) (even mail that's already been downloaded). From the 'When messages are accessed with POP (2) dropdown menu select keep Google Mail's copy in the Inbox'

Click Save Changes

Launch Outlook Express in Windows XP or Windows Mail if you are using Vista. These two programs look slightly different but their menus and settings are almost identical.

Choose Tools / Accounts / Add Mail (or E-mail Account in Windows Mail)

This starts the Wizard (no, not for adding and email account. Enter a display name followed by the email address.

At the Email server names part choose Pop3 from the drop-down list (1)

For the incoming server name enter (2)

For the outgoing server enter (3)

There's no need to use an outgoing server but the wizard needs an entry here to continue


In the next screen enter the full Google Mail address and the account password.
Don't add the after your name


Tick the box marked 'Remember Password' and complete the wizard.

Click ONCE to highlight the account (1) that you just set up from the list of email accounts, which should still be open. Click Properties (2) and selecet the Advanced tab

When you clicked the Advanced tab you will see this window

You need to make changes where I have circled.

Under Incoming mail (Pop3), tick the box marked This server requires a secure connection (SSL)

To enable mail to be sent, tick the box with the same label under Outgoing Mail (SMTP) and change the port number displayed to 465.

The incoming mail port should be displayed as 995. This then when finished should look like this...

Click Apply and then OK and Close.

Click Send /Recieve to begin downloading Google Mail messages. These are then sent in batches and it can take some time if there's a lot of mail stored in the Google Mail account. With this in mind, it might be best to leave the email application to download all the messages in it's own time.

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