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Setting up a new email account

Add a Mail Account

Start Outlook Express.
Select Tools.
Select Accounts.
Select the Mail tab.
Select Add then Mail.
A wizard will start to guide you through this process. Type in your name and select Next.
Enter your Sky email address then select Next.

Change your incoming mail settings

In the My Incoming Mail Server is a POP3 Server drop-down menu, select POP3.
In the Incoming Mail Server field type in with no capitals or spaces.

Change your outgoing mail settings

In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server field type in with no capitals or spaces
In the Account Name field type in the first part of your email address (everything before the @ sign)
In the Password box, enter the password for your email account, then select Next
select Finish.

Check the authentication settings

Select Tools then select Accounts
Select the Mail tab, then select Properties
Make sure the My server requires authentication box is ticked and select OK.
If you're trying to create an email address for someone else in your household you must first set them up with a sub account so that the new address will be recognized by the Sky email servers.

If your still having trouble using Outlook Express with Sky Email, see if you've carefully followed the steps above. But if you are having trouble sending email using Outlook Express you may need to switch on SMTP authentication:

In Outlook Express, select Tools then Accounts.
Select the Mail tab.
Select your Sky account (probably labeled by double-clicking with your mouse.
Select the Servers tab.
Make sure the My Server Requires Authentication box is ticked and click OK

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