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User Account Control - UAC

You may get a bit of a shock when you click on anything marked with a red, green, blue and yellow sheild icon. The screen will go dark and a message will appear saying....
Windows need your permission to continue.

In fact, this is not an error message, its Vista's new User Account Control or UAC feature, which acts as an extra layer of protection for your PC's inner workings.

If the message has appeared immediately after you clicked on an option in Windows, simply click Continue to confirm that nowhere, click the dialogue box to see which program has triggered it, unless you trust the program, click Cancel.
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Re: User Account Control - UAC

I was surprised by this several times lately!
I use AVG the FREE version as my Anti Virus measure....lately they have this NEW 'ad' where they are trying to get you to buy the newest one....8.0 or something.....but it keeps setting off that "Warning" thing......very annoying...and I can't seem to OPT out of getting those. Anyway to permanently STOP or block something in that UAC thing???


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