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A Brief Introduction to Excel

A Worksheet is a page that is made up of little boxes arranged in Rows and Columns. Relationships can be created bwtween the cells so that changing the contents of one cell affects the contents of the related cell.

In Excel, a worksheet is a spreadsheet. A worksheet is much larger than your screen, you can see only a very small part of it at one time

A Workbook is a file containing worksheets.

When you create a new workbook, Excel creates three blank worksheets inside that workbook.
Excel calls the worksheets....Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3

If three worksheets are not enough, you can add more to your workbook up to a maximum of 256. I like to think of worksheets as pages in a book, and the workbook as the book containing those pages.

The little boxes that make up a worksheet
Cells are arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns.

Active Cell
The cell in which the cursor is currently located.
Only one cell on a worksheet can be the active cell at any one time. You will always know which cells is the active
Excel surrounds it with a thicker border, you can make a cell active by clicking on it with the mouse.

Image Image

When you open a new workbook, Excel makes the top-left cell of the first worksheet, Sheet 1, the active cell
Each worksheet contains 256 columns, Excel names each coloumn with a letter or group of letters.

A vertical line of cells from the top of the worksheet to the bottom Image
The first 26 are named A - Z
The remainder are AA - AZ, BA to BZ and continuing through to IA throught to IV

A horizontal line of cells that stretches left-to-right across a worksheet


Each worksheet contains 65,536 rows. Excel gives each row a number from 1 to 65536. The total number of cells in a worksheet is there fore 256 multiplied by 65,536 or 16,777,216 (you do the maths !!)....LOL
Each cell in a worksheet has a unique address or location known as its cell reference.

Cell Reference
The location or 'Address' of a cell on a worksheet.

A cell reference is made up of two parts
1) The Column letter (A,B,C, ...)
2) The Row number (1,2,3, ...)

When you open a new workbook in Excel, the active cell is the one on Sheet1 with the cell reference A1

Try to remember this tip.....
Column letter first, Row number second.
{For example: B6, C8 and J12} and so on.....

Name Box
The rectangle area above the top-left corner of a worksheet in which the Excel displays the cell reference of the active cell

You can use the name box to move the cursor to any cell on the worksheet, making that cell the Active Cell.
To do so, type the cell reference in the name box and press Enter
1) Click the Name Box
2. Type in F10 (you can use lower or upper case) and press Enter

Excel responds by making the cell F10 the active cell, I use this method when I am doing very large spreadsheets, it finds the cell much quicker rather than using the sliders

A piece of text in a worksheet cell that provides information about the number in an accompanying cell, usually either below it or to its right

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