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4) Virus Found ! - How to cleanse your system

When the anti-virus program finds a virus, it alerts your immediately and asks for a decision. My tip here is to make a note of the virus's name and have it removed. If your anti-virus program fails to remove a virus, don't panic. It could be that infected files are running and so they can't be deleted by Windows.

Try scanning the computer in Windows Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a mode in which Windows starts up in a raw state and loads only the bare necessities into memory. To get into Safe Mode, shut down the computer and restart the computer. When the screen is black (and before the Windows Logo appears) hit the Image Key. I recommend you keep tapping the key. If done correctly, a menu appears. Use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode and press the Image Key

If you are presented with a choice of Windows logins (one for you, wife and maybe the kids) choose the Administrator Login. If it's your computer, the chances are that you are the administrator.

When the windows desktop appears in Safe Mode, run your anti-virus program and scan the system for viruses. Because Safe Mode loads only the necessary processes in memory, the virus is not loaded unless it has infected one of the system files that makes Windows run. In Safe Mode you should be able to easily kill the virus.

Your anti-virus program might ask if it should Quarantine the virus or delete it. If you quarantine the files, they are put in the computer equivalent of prison or jail, and electronically walled-off area where they can't cause and further damage.

From the quarantine area they can be submitted to the anti-virus maker for analysis, if you choose to do this. If you choose to delete the snared virus, it is wiped from your computer.

The Wizard3, 12/8/07, 14:59
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