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3) Disconnect as soon as possible

One of the first things most malware tries to do when it creates an infection, especially viruses, is to make contact with the outside world. So one of the first things you should do after detecting and infection (after you've updated your virus and spyware signatures via the internet) is to disconnect your computer from your home network and get off the internet.

If you use a dial-up account where your computer dials a number using the phone line, un-plug the phone line from the computer.

If you use high-speed internet service such as cable, ADSL or Satellite, turn off your high-speed modem.

If your computer shares a high-speed internet connection with other computers in the house, turn off your router. This is the little box (some have an antenna) that is connected to your high-speed modem.

If your computer is wireless, disable the Wi-Fi adapter by physically switching it off, or by right-clicking the connection icon in the System Tray (bottom right of your screen, by the clock) and choosing 'Disable'

The Wizard3, 12/8/07, 14:58
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