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2) When Viruses Attack !

When you're hit by a bad virus attack, it becomes pretty obvious and sometimes pretty fast. Your computer starts behaving oddly. Here are a few things which will happen.

emoticon Frequent crashes or system restarts
emoticon Very slow or erratic performance
emoticon No internet connection
emoticon Missing or corrupt data or system files
emoticon Email in 'Sent Items' folder of your email program that you personally didn't send
emoticon The computer fails to start and displays errors

As soon as you think you might be infected with a virus, immediately use your anti-virus program to update it's virus signatures.

All anti-virus programs have this feature built in. You click an update button in the software and the updates are fetched from the internet. Then use the anti-virus program to run a system scan. I recommend using a 'Deep' or 'Thorough' scan as opposed to a quick scan.

The Wizard3, 12/8/07, 14:58
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