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1) What not to do !

When it comes to computer security its often as important on what not to do as it is to learn what you should do to protect yourself. If like myself you have a family computer used by the kids, wife, partner or other family members I recommend you show them this guide. Good computer security habits are as critical as good security software is what I always say to people I know.

Here is what not to do.....

The majority of viruses come via email attachments these days, so don't open attachments you are not expecting, especially if they arrive from someone you don't know. All supervise children if they have any email account when they are browsing their inbox. Don't make it look like you are snooping on them, just reassure them you are checking for nasty viruses or bugs, works with my kids.

Be cautious of attachments from people you don't know, especially if you are not expecting something from them. If your friend's computer is infected with a virus, it can send an email to you that looks like it's from your friend. Your virus scanner should scan all inbound attachments, but if it doesn't, right-click suspicious attachments and save it to your windows desktop. Then use the file scanner feature in your anti-virus program to scan it before opening it. Or better yet, call your friend (if they are local) and ask him/her if they have sent a file via email to you.

Never turn off your anti-virus protection for any length of time. You will instantly vunerable. If you need to turn it off to service the computer, consider disconnecting it from the internet first.

Although less common these days, infections from floppy disks and home burnt CS's and DVD's can still contain infected files. I haven't come across one yet myself when using these methods but don't copy files from disks, CD's, DVD's and other external sources without your anti-virus program running on your computer.

The Wizard3, 12/8/07, 14:57
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