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Change your Screen Resolution

If you have a good graphics card (which most new PC's have now) you can change the size of your screen.

Most users have theirs set to 1024 x 768 if they have a 17" or 19" screen. If you increase the resolution the size of the icons on your desktop will become slightly smaller and the browser window will fit more comfortably within you screen without having to scroll left or right to see things.

Here is how you change your screen settings....

1. Right-Click on your Desktop
2. Select Properties
3. Select 'Settings' tab
(The name and type of your graphics card is displayed here also)
4. Move the slider to the right to increase the size
5. If you are using 800 x 600 the next setting up will be 1024 x 768
5. Click Apply tab

Your screen will change and a prompt will ask you if you want to change to this setting. Click YES

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