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Table background colours

When you look at posted forums you may see each person has used a certain colour of their choice. These can be the same colour if you choose but you can select different colours if you want, here's how to add those colours...

1. Control Panel
2. Manage
3. Edit layout / colors of your board
4. Scroll down to Forum list layout options section
5. Look for the section (below)
Enter your Hex Color code here - #??????

6. Under this will be the second alternative background colour
Enter your He colour code here - #??????

To keep the same colours through out your board, scroll down to the Topic list layout options & Post list layout options and add the same Hex colours you added

Once you made your changes, scroll down to the bottom of your page and press the Submit new layout tab

The Wizard3, 9/2/09, 14:02
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