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Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Signature

1. Start with an empty message using rich HTML formatting in Outlook Express.
2. Design your signature using the formatting tools.
3. Insert the picture or animation where desired.
4. Go to the Source tab.
5. Highlight the code between <BODY> and </BODY>.
6. Select Edit / Copy from the menu.
7. Open Notepad.
8. Select Edit / Paste from the menu.
9. Use File / Save to.. save the signature to a file called "signature.html" in your My Documents folder.
10. Select Tools / Options... from the menu in Outlook Express.
11. Go to the Signatures tab.
12. Click New
13. Make sure File is selected under Edit Signature.
14. Use the Browse... button to open the "signature.html" file just created.
15. Click OK.
16. Test your new signature.

Add a Graphic by Hand
You can also add an image to your signature on a more direct route by creating the necessary HTML code directly:

1. Create a signature using HTML formatting in Outlook Express.
2. Edit the signature's .html file to include '<img src="{path to your animated gif}" />' (without the outer, but including the inner set of quotation marks) where you want to place the animation.
3. Make sure the signature animation is sent together with the emails you send.


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