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Importing Incredimail Address Books

If your address book is in IncrediMail, you can back up the list of your contacts to make sure they are not only what remains in your memories, but also can be recovered to your address book should you ever lose it.

Saving a copy of your contacts is also a way to keep them when you move to another email client, which will hopefully allow you to import them.

Back up or Copy Your IncrediMail Address Book
To export your IncrediMail address book for copying or backup, here is how:

1. Select Tools / Address Book... from the menu.
2. Select File / Export... from the address book's menu.
3. Go to the folder where you want to keep the backup copy of your address book.
4. Optionally, enter a custom file name for the copy.
5. The standard "IncrediMail Contacts (csv)" should work fine, though.
6. Click Save.

Import Your IncrediMail Contacts Into the Outlook Express Address Book
Once your contacts are out of IncrediMail and in the .csv file, it's easy to import them in another email program such as Outlook Express.

It's usually best to save the "IncrediMail Exported Contacts (csv format).csv" file to your Desktop.
1. Open Outlook Express.
2. Select Tools / Address Book... from the menu.
3. Now choose File / Import / Other Address Book... from the address book's menu.
4. Highlight Text File (Comma Separated Values).
5. Click Import.
6. Now click Browse ....
7. Highlight the "IncrediMail Exported Contacts (csv format).csv" file on your Desktop.
8. Click Open.
9. Now click Next >.
10. Double-click the E-mail text field.
11. Choose E-mail Address from the Select an address book field for the text field: E-Mail drop-down menu.
12. Make sure Import this field is checked.
Click OK. (You can change other mappings from address book fields in IncrediMail to corresponding fields in Outlook Express as well)
14. Click Finish.
15. Now click OK and Close.

Transfer Messages from IncrediMail to Outlook Express
Of course, you'll also want to copy the important mail you have collected.

While not as simple as copying the address book, moving mail from IncrediMail to Outlook Express is still pretty easy. The first thing you have to do is make a backup of your Incredimail data.

1. Select File / Data and Settings Transfer / Transfer to New Computer... from the menu in IncrediMail.
2. Click Continue (In some version of IncrediMail, you have to click OK)
3. Choose the folder and file name of your backup copy.
4. Click Save.
5. Watch IncrediMail back up your data.
6. Close the finishing dialog with OK

Launch IncrediConvert.
IncrediConvert automatically selects your default IncrediMail Identity and all folders except Deleted Items.
To convert mail from another identity, select its path under IncrediMail\­Data\­Identities in the folder tree on the left.
Make sure you deselect all empty folders
When trying to export messages from empty folders, IncrediConvert can stall, so beware of this.

1. Click the Export toolbar button.
2. Highlight Desktop under Select output folder..
3. Click Create new folder.
4. Type "exported mail".
5. Hit Return.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Open folder.
For every folder inside exported mail: (Open the folder by double-clicking it)
8. Press Ctrl-A to select all .eml files.
9. Drag and drop them to the folder in Outlook Express that you want to import them to.
(Make sure you drop the .eml files on the folder in Outlook Express (with Outlook Express open), not the folder in Windows Explorer where Outlook Express keeps mail on your hard disk.)

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