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Where can I download Javascript ?

I use Norton Internet Security which has offered me a 2007 update. I tried to download it but after it had scanned my system, I was told to enable Javascript, which I do not have. I had a look on the internet for a download but there are so many, which do I need?

Javascript isn't a seperate program, it's a programming language that your web browser can understand by default. It's easily confused with Java, another programming language, which does require a seperate free download.

To enable Javascript in Internet Explorer 6 or 7, click on the Custom Level button. When the dialogue box appears, scroll down to the section (near the end) marked Scripting.

Make sure Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets are set to Enable and click OK, then OK again. Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart the browser. The steps are similar for earlier versions of Internet Explorer although the wording may differ slightly.

If you are using Firefox as well, Click on Tools Menu, then Options, click on the Content Tab, and tick the box marked Enable Javascript, then click OK.
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