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Is Incredimail Compatible?

An e-mail friend wrote me last week saying she has a new pc with Vista OS installed but her Incredimail won't work right in the new OS. What can she do?


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Re: Is Incredimail Compatible?

Here is a list in which are email programs that are compatible with Windows Vista

Incredimail Xe Premium NL 2529
Outlook 2007
Portable Thunderbird 1.0.7 (32-bit)
Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta (Build 8.0.1172)
Windows Mail (included in Vista - Outlook Express replacement)

I would use Outlook 2007 if your friend has it, or use the Windows Mail. It's a shame that Incredimail isn't wholly compatible with Vista, I know a lot of people that use it.


The Wizard3, 8/2/07, 20:16
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