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Export (Save) your Internet Favorites

I've known many people say to me they lost their internet favourites links because their computer crashed or had to restore / format it.

It is always best to store you're favorites onto a 3½ diskette for safe keeping, no good keeping them in a folder on your computer if your going to format is there !

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. In the toolbar menu, select

emoticon File / Import and Export...


This will open the Import / Export Wizard Screen

emoticon Click once to highlight Export Favorites (1)
emoticon Click Next (2)

The next screen will have already highlighted 'Favorties' for you, by highlighting this you will save ALL your favorites and any folders as well if you have any

Insert a 3½ diskette into our A: drive and click Browse, look for your A: drive

You will see the name 'bookmark' already displayed in the 'File name' window. You can rename this to you're liking

I've renamed 'bookmark' to something I can recognise (1)
Once you've done that click on Save (2)

The next window will confirm your settings
Click Next

The next window will then show a message saying that when you click finish, you're favorites will be saved to the diskette
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