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Firefox Tools & Add-ons

Here you can find out how to add new tools and features to Firefox that make it much easier to manage your online life.

Built into Firefox is a way to download and add tools and enhancements to the browser that make surfing the web more productive and fun, they're called Extensions. In the latest version of Firefox (if you have it) these enhancements are managed on the Firefox Tools menu by clicking Add-ons

If you have an older version of Firefox, select Extensions for the Tools menu. When the add-ons dialogue box opens you can add and remove individual enhancements, and permanently remove any that you no longer need.

Here are my favourite add-ons which I have installed into my browser. I'll give a brief description on what they do, then you can decide for yourself if you think you can use it.

Adblock Plus
This cool add-on blocks advertisements so you don't have to waste time waiting for graphics to download when you open a new page in a browser.

Image << Click on the download icon to get it

You have to restart your Firefox browser after download it. After restarting Firefox the Welcome to Adblock Plus dialogue box appears, in which you're invited to subscribe to 1 of 4 filter lists. The one I recommend is dutchblock, don't worry about the name but this covers sites from around the world.

This will prevent the majority of ads from being displayed, but for those ads that aren't blocked, all you need do to banish them from that site is to right-click on the offending advertisement and select Adblock Image


Cooliris Previews
This handy extension allows you to preview a site, just by hovering your mouse pointer over a link.
Image << Click on the download icon to get it

After you've installed Cooliris Previews from the link, you'll see a Cooliris button appear next to it. Point to this button and the relevent page is previewed in a pop-up window without leaving the site !!

I like this one best, if you double click a word on a webpage or highlight a phrase, you can then right-click and select Cooliris Search to look for the selection in Google, Wikipedia, Google Images or


FasterFox is an extension that fetches ALL the links on a webpage. In other words while you are looking at a site, Fasterfox is invisibly following the links on the page and storing th data in a cache.

When you click on a link, if it's already in the cache it will open almost instantly.
Image << Click on the download icon to get it

Click the install now button, then open the Tools menu and select Add-ons. Click the FasterFox Options button and you'll see the Turbo Charged option on the Presets tab is selected.

My tip here for maximum effect is to go to the FasterFox tab and emoticon Enable Enhanced Prefetching
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Re: Firefox Tools & Add-ons

I love some of the extensions for firefox. They make it so much easier and convenient to use.


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