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How to transfer a Video-tape to your PC

First you'll need to connect your your video player to your computer and transfer the footage across to the Hard Drive.

Next, you may want to use editing software to trim out unwanted bits like unnecessary material either before or after the programme or even adverts in the middle.

Finally, the video will need to be made ready for DVD and copied to a blank disc. Each of these processes will require some kind of specialised accessory or software.

VHS is an Analogue video format and it needs to be digitised in order to convert it to a DVD. To get VHS or analogue camcorder footage onto a computer in the first place, an analogue video input socket or Video Capture device is necessary.

Unfortunately it's still quite rare for computer to come with video inputs. Some graphics cards feature analogue video composite or S-Video connections, but these are usually for video input only and can't take an incoming signal.

TV Tuner Cards often feature analogue input sockets as an added bonus, so if your computer can receive and record television broadcasts it may also be able to capture from your video recorder. Check for a composite or S-Video socket labelled 'Video In' near the aerial socket on the back of your PC.

If your computer doesn't have any of these features then you'll be needing some additional hardware. If you are upgrading or need to upgrade your graphics card then I would suggest an ATI All-in-Wonderwhich are rougly around the £120 - £150 mark or maybe install a TV tuner card which comes with a video input socket.


Whether you're converting your VHS to DVD via the computer or a set-top DVD Recorder, you'll need to physically connect the two devices first. How you achieve this will very much depend on the connections available on the individual devices.

Most video recorders feature standard SCART output connections, whic his fine for connecting to a DVD Recorder but PC capture devices rarely feature SCART inputs.

Check your VCR for composite (often yellow) or S-Video (black with seven pins) outputs. All of the analogue video capture options I've mentioned above feature either composite or S-Video or both.

If your VCR only has a SCART output, then you can buy a SCART to composite or S-Video cable, the electronic shop, Maplins is a good place to look at.

Remember you'll need to connect the audio too, If your capture device doesn't have it's own audio input you may need to connect the audio from your VCR directly to the input on your PC's sound card. An adapter to convert standard phono (red & white) audio plugs to a mini-jack may also be required for this.


There are so many capture devices out there to choose from and depending on how deep you wallet is you can get some very high-quality hardware for a good price.

Here is a site I recommend to look at

LINK: Pinnacle Systems
This page lets you look at Demo's on how it's done, look for Dazzle this is a very good device to use, usually around the £40 price range.
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Re: How to transfer a Video-tape to your PC

very intresting... and helpful. emoticon


P.S. I Love You

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