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Creating a Column Chart

Using Microsoft Excel, you can represent numbers in a chart. You can choose from a variety of chart types. And, as you change your data, your chart will automatically update. You can use Microsoft Excel's Chart Wizard to take you through the process step-by-step.

Below is an example of how to perform data into a chart.

Enter the data in the cells, highlight the cells which contain data. Left-Click on cell A1 and hold, drag across and down so all the cells are highlighted (as below)

Click the Chart Wizard Icon Image

This will start the chart wizard window which will show you what is on offer

The column chart will be highlighted for you, Click Next

We want our chart to show rows, this is already highlighted, Click Next

The next window will allow you to insert text or add values. Title is already selected.

Chart Title
This will be displayed at the top of your chart

Category (X) axis:
This displays text along the bottom of your chart

Value (Y) axis:
This displays text along the left-hand side of your chart

The other tabs are self explanatory, you can click each tab and click around on them, your selection is displayed in the preview window each time you select something

Click Next when you have finished adding stuff.

The next window is the last one of the wizard window, click Finish

Your chart will now be displayed in the Excel Spreadsheet. You may find it won't show all the chart so use the black square extenders to stretch out the window so you can see all the chart and data


You can copy the chart picture into MS Word and save it there or even take a snapshot of the window and save it as a picture.

To clear the chart, simply right-click and select Clear. If you want to modify it a bit more then right-click on the chart window and select Chart Options...


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