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Internet Explorer 7 - SmartBridge Alert

My computer developed a problem after I downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 7 from the Micorsoft Windows Update website.

On start up it displayed a SmartBridge error message saying.....

"The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAP.DLL"

After I clicked OK windows continued to load and works normally, but I found that the IE7 page didn't load properly so I un-installed IE7, there must be some bugs still, not sure though.

If you want to get rid of the display message then the easiest thing to do is un-install the Broadband Helper Software, this could be either BT or another like Telewest Broadand, I'll use BT's Broadband Helper as an example.

1. You cam use the un-install link for the program in it's folder in the Start menu, or use the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

2. Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove

3. Scroll down and select the BT Broadband Helper, then click remove and follow the prompts

The problem occurs because the helper software has an older version of PSAPI.DLL. If you don't want to remove this software, it's possible to change the file, but this could cause problems with the computere if not done correctly.

Make sure the important files are backed up and you have set a System Restore point before doing this.

Once thats done, click on the Start menu and choose 'SEARCH'. In the dialogue box, click on 'All files and folders' in the left hand pane.

Type smartbridge into the search box and press Enter. When the Smartbridge folder appears, double-click on it, then right-click on the PSAPI.DLL file icon. Select Rename and change it to.....PSAPI.DLL file icon.

Select 'Rename' and change it to ....


Press enter, restart your PC, it will find the correct edition of the file and the error message will be gone.
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Re: Internet Explorer 7 - SmartBridge Alert

thanks wiz


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